Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tech-y Teacher

I just watched a video about an interesting class in New Zealand from the K12 Online Conference. Rachel Boyd is the teacher over a classroom of 6-year-old students. They take in interesting spin on education by using technology to the max.

By watching this presentation, my eyes were opened to the world of technology within the classroom. Mrs. Boyd uses technology in a way that her students seem to understand and even enjoy. It allows them to apply what they are learning by participating in hands-on learning activities. I can't get over how useful she made technology seem!

I certainly haven't had as much technological experience within the classroom as these students do. However, being in the T4T class here at UCO has definitely opened my eyes up to the positive uses this kind of equipment can have in a classroom. The T4T class seems a lot like what Mrs. Boyd is doing in here classes-stretching students to learn differently by introducing them to the wide world of technology.

Watching Mrs. Boyd and her students integrate technology into their classroom in such a positive way really motivates me to do the same when I have a class of my own. There are so many options with technology and it is easily accessible. I think the groups on the Diigo website will definitely be a big help for me as a future teacher in finding useful material for the classroom.

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