Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cameron's Tech Talents

Cameron is one talented kid. The most significant thing I took away from watching this video was the passion and interest this young boy has. The talent he has at such an age really blows my mind. Myself, like most other adults, look at Cameron and think there is no way he can be that talented at such a young age. But Cameron definitely taught me to pursue my passions and dreams with all my heart. What if everyone approached their interests with such a passion?!

Cameron and his deep passion for technology reminds me of the few others I know who have a passion for technology. A friend from UCO, Logan Pennington, is extremely talented in this area. I admire Logan's creativity and his initiative to try new things. He is constantly making videos, posters, and other digital forms of media. In fact, just this week he produced his first version of a Pike newsletter in video form! Both Logan and Cameron encourage me to pursue my passions whole heartedly. In the digital world, I am most interested in photography. They challenge me to take my interests to the next level and really engage in them.

As far as applying this video to my teaching career, I believe I could take some pointers from the educators who wree interviewed. One teacher allowed Cameron to make a video of a lesson and then shared it with the class. What a great idea! Why not let one of my students gather research and use their own talents to "teach" my class? This type of approach also encourages hands-on learning, which enforces greater understanding of the content. After watching this video, I think I will look for more personal strengths in my students and allow them to use those strengths to benefit and teach the rest of the class.


  1. Does Logan have a website where he shares his videos, or a YouTube channel? Do you have that web address?

    You are so right about the benefits of empowering others to share their passions, and letting students become teachers! We all are alternatively experts and novices on different things, depending on the topic. That is why I like to use the word "learners" instead of students and teachers often.

  2. I agree! What if everyone did approach their intrests with passion? What a wonderful world that would be! Cameron inspires me as well. What a talented kid!

    I enjoyed reading your reflection Brooke. There were two things I noticed that may be missing from your blog, the hyperlink and embedded video. If you need any help with this contact me on blogger :D

    "Why not let one of my students gather research and use their own talents to "teach" my class?" I agree this is a wonderful idea! I think this changes things in the classroom from teaching to sharing. We are all learning, right? Nice reflection Brooke :D

  3. I totally agree with you. (Don't worry I could not fiure out how to embed the video either) I would love to have the abilites that Cameron has or Logan. I'm trying my hardest and I still can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your reflection was very insightful thanks for sharing!! monica2oldham