Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sam's Second Life

Sam, a 13-year-old girl from Illinois, spends nearly 12 hours on her computer when she isn't at school. No wonder she claims digital media is her second life! She highlights her passion for technology on her Edutopia Digital Youth Portrait Video.

Sam spends her time using a wide variety of technology-the computer, phone, ipod, video cameras, digital cameras, and video games are just to name a few. Her parents and teachers say that this passion has enabled her to learn many life skills and gain useful knowledge. Sam truly uses technology to benefit her everyday life. She uses her cell phone for communication and alarms, videos and text messaging as a form of communication, and her computer skills to help others learn.

From this video (and others we have watched in this class), I have learned to embrace technology. I think our society sometimes views becoming overly indulged in the technology world as negative. However, I have learned that digital media is something that can make my life easier-and that it's okay to take advantage of them!

As a future teacher, I want to help my students understand the importance and benefit of technology in their lives. I want to learn from them and give them adequate opportunities to use technology within my classroom. I think this fosters creativity and allows students to make learning more relatable to them.

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  1. Glad our class and these videos have helped you further develop your perspective on technology. A balance is needed-- too often we hear the negative in the media, when there is also a real positive side to many ways technology is used.