Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life in 3D

This week for class we watched a video from the K12 Online Conference called Orientation in Second Life. This video gave new users tips on how to make their own avatars.

Alan Hudson is a senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University who uses the program Second Life as an enjoyable way to help students learn. However, he and other lecturers see problems when new users become easily confused when entering the virtual world. They have introduced several interactive tools and volunteer helpers to enable new users to gain confidence in this new learning environment.

I must admit that I have very little education on virtual sites and avatars. This video was interesting for me because it helped me gain some insight into this world that I know so little about.

I think programs like Second Life may become more popular in the future, especially in areas of educational tools. I come from a small rural school, and had never heard of this alternative. However, I do see these becoming more popular in the future. I personally don't know that I would use this in my classroom-mainly because of my lack of knowledge and expertise. I think if I knew more about this then I would be more likely to integrate it into my classroom.

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