Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Digiteens: Digital Danger Alert!

Digiteens are a group of teenagers who promote online awareness through various digital approaches. The Digital Citizenship video shows different examples of students who are informing others about "digital dangers"

I learned a lot about the power of informing people through digital media with this video. Images, voices, and music can all combine to make a very persuasive video like most of these students created. Informative videos can be very beneficial in helping others understand concepts of an issue.
I found this video to be very interesting regarding the information I learned about digital dangers. To be quite honest, I felt convicted about some of my digital habits-most in particular about texting while driving. It also made me think more about my online safety. I am very familiar with Facebook and other social websites, but often don't think about my safety while on there.
As a future teacher, I would love to incorporate a video project in my teaching curriculum. This type of project proves to be beneficial not only for the students, but others who are listening to it as well. The main problem I see with this idea is the fact that resources may not be available to the school where I may be teaching. Digital equipment can be very expensive. Hopefully schools will continue to encourage technology within their schools and provide the resources needed for these types of projects.


  1. This was a nice complete review of the video. You brought up some good points and have a good plan for future teaching.

  2. I agree sometimes we dont think about dangers with online social networks, but there is a real danger out there. I recently heard about a virus that is being spread through facebook that scans your computer for personal information like credit card numbers and bank account info. Scary!!! Great blog, video projects would be very beneficial to your future students!

  3. Hi Brooke! Coolgirl here. I really like your blog! Thanks for giving me all those great comments! I hope to hear from you soon,